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To most people, the name Chianti is associated with a variety of popular Italian wine but it is also the name of the central Tuscany region from which the wine comes. Olive groves, vineyards, rolling hills and ancient hill-top towns are the signature landmarks of this charming area which lies between Florence and Siena. 6 places to visit in Greve in Chianti and the surrounding area. Piazza Matteotti in Greve in Chianti. Greve has developed around this piazza over the last 500 years. Montefioralle Panzano Lamole Verrazzano Castle Vignamaggio Villa.

What to do in Chianti? https://www.chianti.com
From just driving through the area's roads to admire the view of the vineyards on the hills and magnificent panoramas to stopping to visit wine cellars and tasting great Chianti wines, the Chianti offers this and more.
Hilltop villages, many with their medieval-era buildings and churches still standing, offer an enchanting backdrop to your vacation in Chianti. We hope you'll find our recommendations on what to do in Chianti useful in planning your holiday in one of the most beautiful areas in Tuscany....

Chianti Itineraries Visit Chianti With Our Suggestions on Itineraries
In Tuscany, between the beautiful cities of Florence and Siena, there is this stunning hills region famous all around the world for its panoramas and wines, Chianti. Even though is not a big area, Chianti offers many things to see, such as medieval cities and villages, castles and parish churches. It offers also many things to do such as wine tastings and local products.
Here you find our suggestions and advices, as well as ideas, to discover this enchanting region in Tuscany for planning your holidays in Chianti.....

Greve in Chianti: 6 must-sees
Florentines’ favorite destination for a Sunday getaway
Greve in Chianti is a medieval town located only 30 km away from Florence. Its famous triangular-shape square has been for centuries the place of the Saturday market, setting of the Monday Easter antique fair and the Chianti Classico Exposition.
But there is much more: just a few minutes from the city centre you will find a countryside full of vineyards and olive groves dotted with small medieval villages, castles and villas – all of which have been home to muses, fearless explorers and artists.
Here are 6 places to visit in Greve in Chianti and the surrounding area......

One-day driving Itinerary Chianti: Navigating the best of Chianti
The Best Towns, Roads, Restaurants & Vineyards
One of the most frequent questions we hear from guests new to Tuscany, “can we see Chianti in a one day itinerary?”
This could be interpreted as a trick question since there is so much to appreciate in the Chianti area, and our instinct is to say “no.” However, we realize that not everyone has unlimited time or resources and they need to pack the most into a one-day itinerary.
There are three ways to approach a one day tour of this fabulous region:
an organized tour to vineyards & small towns with a professional tour leader
personalize your travels but make the traveling easy with a private driver
follow our DIY one-day Chianti itinerary....
Don’t Miss the Beauty of Chianti
The best way to enjoy Chianti is to make it your base for the holidays:
Chianti is one of the most beautiful hill areas in Tuscany and maybe in Italy. Renowned all around the world for its Chianti wine production, this region stretches in between Florence and Siena. The landscape is characterized by vineyards and olive groves and fortresses, parish churches and castles.

If you have just one day to spend in Chianti, here we suggest an itinerary in Chianti to get the best out of your Tuscan holiday. We include some driving instructions and times, a general map, names of small towns and the highlights to look for when you stop at each point....


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