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The landscaped Gardens of Ninfa are like a fairytale scene come to life. Described as “the most romantic garden in the world”, it is an evocative oasis that was created in 1921 in the English garden style and features thousands of exotic plants and trees, medieval ruins perfectly integrated into the natural landscape, a crystalline river with water fresh enough to drink, an ancient stone bridge and more.

The Garden of Ninfa (Giardino di Ninfa), built on the ruins of the medieval town of Ninfa in the Pontine Marshes (Agro Pontino), has been classified by the New York Times as one of the most beautiful and romantic gardens in the world.
Declared a Natural Monument by the Lazio Region, the garden, given the delicate environmental balance, may only be visited on certain days of the year, but the beauty of this place is well worth a visit.

The Garden of Ninfa is a landscape garden in the territory of Cisterna di Latina, in the province of Latina, central Italy.
The park has an area of 105 hectares (260 acres), and is an Italian natural monument.
The landscape garden within the park comprises 8 hectares (20 acres) and contains medieval ruins, several oaks, cypresses and poplars, grassy meadows, a wide range of exotic plants from various parts of the world, numerous watercourses and a large variety of rambling roses growing over the stone walls of the ruins.
The site is run by the Italian foundation Fondazione Roffredo Caetani.
It is open to the public at set times from April to November.
Nearby towns include Norma and Sermoneta.

Ninfa has been described as "the most romantic garden in the world".

The garden includes the ruins of the ancient settlement of Ninfa, whose name seems to derive from a classical era nymphaeum, a temple dedicated to nymphs, located on an island in the small lake; nymphs were believed to dwell in mountains and groves, by springs and rivers, and also in trees and in valleys and cool grottoes.
According to Charles Quest-Ritson's book Ninfa: The Most Romantic Garden in the World, the Gardens of Ninfa's first documented evidence is from Pliny the Younger, who described a temple on the premises dedicated to water nymphs.

A short journey from hectic Rome to Ninfa will reward the traveler with what the New York Times defined as “the most beautiful garden in the world”. The garden was also voted the most beautiful garden of Italy in 2015. Ninfa’s gardens are located on the ruins of the old city of Ninfa, at the bottom of the Lepini mounts, situated at the junction of the cities of Sermoneta, Norma and Cisterna di Latina.

GIARDINI DI NINFA - Via Provinciale Ninfina 68 Cisterna di Latina 04012 LT

A breve distanza da Roma ed a poco meno di un’ora dal Parco Nazionale del Circeo c’è un giardino unico nel suo genere, il Giardino di Ninfa, dove, sugli antichi ruderi di una città perduta (la città di Ninfa), crescono piante rare e secolari.
Secondo Il New York Times Ninfa è il giardino più bello del mondo, visitato tutti gli anni da 50.000 turisti.
Nel 2019 il giardino di Ninfa ha preparato per il pubblico una serie di novità che permettono di visitarlo in tutte e 4 le stagioni con un unico biglietto e di partecipare a interessanti percorsi letterari.

Un singolare percorso che fa rivivere al visitatore le suggestioni e le emozioni che gli scrittori hanno impresso nelle loro opere.

Il giardino di Ninfa è un tipico giardino all’inglese nell’area della scomparsa cittadina medioevale di Ninfa, di cui oggi rimangono soltanto diversi ruderi, alcuni dei quali restaurati durante la creazione del giardino.
È stato dichiarato Monumento Naturale dalla Regione Lazio nel 2000 per tutelare il giardino storico, l’habitat costituito dal fiume Ninfa, lo specchio lacustre e le aree circostanti dell’intero complesso.

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