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Piemonte travel guide piemonte general information piemonte destinations piemonte cities piemonte attractions piemonte activities piemonte travel directory what's on in piemonte Piemonte travel guides Piedmont region is mostly mountains and hills, on the north-western border of Italy with France and Switzerland; surrounded by some of the highest mountains in Europe, such as the Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa, it is occupied to the East by the Pianura Padana, crossed by the largest river in Italy, the Po, and its many tributaries. travel services and discount travel opportunities for vacations Most of the population live in the plain, especially in the wide metropolitan area of Turin, Novara and Vercelli where a great many mechanical and car industries are located. Thanks to the great abundance of water agriculture is very important, the main products being rice, wine, maize, potatoes and the precious white truffle. Tourism is also especially lively in the winter resorts in the Alps. But in spite of the advanced industrialization and modernity of the cities, the Piedmontese are very conservative as far as their traditions are concerned, and folk festivals are still widely attended.

Piemonte (Piedmont) means "at the foot of the mountains" and that is just where you should look for it. Here you will find a very interesting region, with French influences, delicious food and great wines. Turin, the capital of Piemonte is very much a European city, with a very open and international atmosphere. It is also the center of a region renowned for its culture of wines and cuisine. A city of many souls, Turin is imperial, and bourgeois; it is a masterpiece of aesthetic urban design, and has immense suburban landscapes of cement; it is centered on the slow pace of the Po river, and it is enlightened by the beauty of its green hilly flanks. In the city you find the world's most important museum of Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt. Furthermore, the Holy Shroud is back to public view. Stresa on the Lago Maggiore is a favorite getaway for the people in Turin. It's a lovely town on one of the most lovely lakes in the world - but it can be pretty crowded with Torinesi in the weekend. Another really charming lake is de Lago d' Orta. The town of Orta is pretty as can be and a boat trip to the island just opposite is a must.

Origin of the name: The Region owes the name that brings to be speaking geographically to the fact "to the feet of the mountains." In the Middle Ages it was begun to already call in this way a portion of territory level place to the feet of the alpine mountains. With the spend some time the same name remained to point out a vast territory, that is that actual.

The principal passes are: Hill of Tenda that connects Cuneo to Nice, Hill of the Maddalena that connects Valley of Stura with Valley of Rodano, the footsteps of Monginevro, of Frejus and of Moncenisio by which pass important railway and road lines. On Swiss side there is Footstep of Sempione that connects Piedmont with north-western Europe. We also find some footsteps of appenni, that are: Hill of Cadibona, Footstep of Turchino, and Pass of Giovi. In Piedmont we find the western part of the lowland Padana (‘the valley of the Po '), that is extended on the left shore of Po. The most fertile zone in the Piedmontese lowland is that adjacent to Po and low lowland is said, while the tall lowland that is inclusive between Alps and the hilly zone is being that less fertile and more arid because of the impermeability of the ground.

Landscape: The region is inside and it is not bathed from the sea. The Alps Marittime, Cozie, Graie, Pennine and those Lepontines, mend the region from the perturbations of the north Europe; without a gradual hilly zone, finds the Piedmontese lowlands, where being cultivated to rice mostly cover as a mirror of water this territory. The hills are very undulated and small villages, farms, old castles and plantations of fruit trees and vineyards rise.

Agriculture - Stock-farm - Rishing: In Piedmont the most important crop is that of the rice, of the maize, of the wheat, of some vegetables and of the fruit. The production of the wine is modest but of quality. We remember some qualities appreciated of the Piedmontese productions: Barbera, Barbaresco, Barolo, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Grignolino. The abundance of the natural pastures allows the breeding of livestock, above all cattle. It is produced therefore a considerable quantity of meat, of butter and of cheese.


Regione Piedmont Official Site - English version - home page

Regione Piedmont web on line - Regione Piedmont Official Site - English version. www.regione.piemonte.it/lingue/english/index.htm

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High season in the Piemonte is October - December. Truffles and the wine harvest are the reasons. How much bigger is fall than other seasons? Well, the percentage of restaurants that are full in the Fall are between 25 and 30 percent, compared to less than five percent for the summer. May is also a good time to go, especially if you like your food served with the fresh flowers and herbs the Piemonte is famous for.

May is a wonderful time for wildflowers, spring showers, and the budding of Piemontes fresh herbs. But then again, just about any time is a good time to visit Piemonte.

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